This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Rodeo: Historical Perspectives on Writing about Rodeo

Guest editor Frank Whitehead, a Ph.D. candidate from the University of Arizona history department, writes about the tension inherent in both participating in rodeo and researching it for his dissertation.


“Experience teaching in a diverse setting preferred”: The pedagogical challenges of teaching at a predominantly white institution

Erstwhile’s managing editor Caroline Grego reflects on teaching at a predominantly white institution and how it has altered her pedagogical practices.  When I first began applying to academic teaching jobs, I began to see this job requirement everywhere: “Experience teaching in a diverse setting is preferred.” It’s a loaded request for a search committee to…

Decolonize Your Scrolling: Indigenous Popular Culture Links

This week, contributing editor Kerri Clement provides links to pop culture roundups created by Indigenous peoples. While not strictly history, these links provide contemporary examples of Indigenous people responding, wielding, molding, or speaking to their own history. These links cover some of my favorite podcasts, artists, comics, designers, writers, and musicians. I know I have…