Erstwhile at the Movies: Jojo Rabbit

Taika Waititi’s (Māori) Jojo Rabbit (2019) is a film that simultaneously reminds audiences of the beauty of youthful innocence and the pernicious toxicity of Nazism—two things that moviegoers of all ages in this moment of xenophobia and nationalism could stand to be reminded of. Note: spoilers ahead.

Review of Bohemians: A Graphic History

Erstwhile editor Graeme Pente reviews Bohemians: A Graphic History (Verso, 2014). In Bohemians: A Graphic History (2014), Paul Buhle, David Berger, and Luisa Cetti help a dozen artists bring to life an impressive cast of historical characters who lived on the margins of mainstream society while pushing the creative boundaries of diverse forms of art.[1] Covering the…

Decolonize Your Scrolling 2.0: Indigenous Pop Culture Links

In what has become something of an Erstwhile tradition, contributing editor Kerri Clement highlights a collection of Indigenous popular culture links, all of which feature history in some form or fashion. Let’s descend from the ivory tower, pick up the headphones or the cookbook and explore contemporary Indigenous culture during Native American Heritage Month and throughout the year.