Landscapes of Living History: Native American Nations and the Rocky Mountain Region

This week’s guest post about national parks and Indigenous place names was written by Natasha Myhal (Citizen of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians). She is a doctoral student in the Ethnic Studies Department at CU-Boulder and works at the Center for the American West at CU-Boulder.


Truth as Commodity in the Age of “Alternative Facts”

Erstwhile editor Graeme Pente examines the relationship between neoliberalism and the spread of market thinking to the proliferation of different conceptions of truth, competing truth-claims, and the “post-truth era.”   There’s truth that lives And truth that dies I don’t know which So never mind  — Leonard Cohen, “Nevermind” (2014)   Politicians’ increasingly widespread use of…

Reckoning with the Past: Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial as Model

In the fifth installment of “The Monuments Among Us” series (see Sara Porterfield’s post on Bears Ears here, Travis May’s discussion of British memorials here, Alessandra Link’s reflection on Louisville’s city parks here, and Caroline Grego’s review of South Carolina house museums here), Erstwhile contributing editor Graeme Pente draws attention to the National Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. Covering…