White Supremacy and Medieval History: A Brief Overview

Sarah Luginbill is a doctoral candidate in medieval history at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her dissertation, “Portable Altars, Devotion, and Memory in Lower Saxony, 1050-1190 CE,” examines the patronage and use of medieval portable altars in German lands. Follow her on Twitter @salu1292 and learn more about her research at medievalportablealtars.wordpress.com.

Medieval Europe was never a homogenous place. Image from the Catalan Atlas, 1375 (Bibliothèque Nationale de France).

[Content warning: this post contains references to, and quotes of, antisemitism, Islamophobia, and racism]

In May 2017, a white supremacist attacked train passengers with a knife in Portland, claiming to do so on behalf of Vinland (the 10th-century Viking name for North America). A white supremacist at the 2017 Charlottesville rally was known for making racist statements in medieval history classes at the University of Reno, while other Charlottesville marchers “held symbols of the medieval Holy Roman Empire and of the Knights Templar.”[1] Former white nationalist Derek Black purposefully studied medieval European history in college.[2] In 2019, the Christchurch mosque shooter labelled his gun with medieval European names and dates, including that of Charles Martel, who allegedly defeated a Muslim army at Tours in 732.[3]

It’s no secret: white supremacists love medieval European history.[4]

For the last several years, neo-Nazis and hate groups across the globe have co-opted and twisted various aspects of the Middle Ages to serve their own agendas. At the core of this “history-based” white supremacist argument is the idea that Europe should return to its “medieval” origins as an all-white and all-Christian entity. But medieval Europe was never a homogenous place and acting like it was fuels modern violence done in pursuit of a fantasized and false “purity.”[5]

“There was never a time when Europe was exclusively white-populated and had no contact with other parts of the world.”[6] Indeed, people of color and non-Christians lived, integrated, and thrived throughout medieval Europe. There is an increasing amount of historical, archaeological, and biological scholarship that corroborates this.[7]

This isn’t “revisionist history.” It’s setting the record straight—a record that, until now, has been controlled by misogynistic, racist, colonialist, and heteronormative editing. The content that we teach in history classrooms, that fills coffee-table books and popular documentaries, is the product of 19th– and 20th-century individuals who crafted the Euro-centric narrative of “Western Civilization.”[8] Modern medievalists aren’t rewriting history to make a political statement: we’re uncovering the nuances and voices that have been silenced by the traditional canon and challenging the misuses of the medieval past.

White supremacists who believe medieval Europe was all-white cling to the notion of a pure “Anglo-Saxon” race: a (fantasized) masculine, warrior culture loosely based on the inhabitants of early medieval England.[9] The moniker “Anglo-Saxon” has become a dog whistle for white supremacists in North America, Australia, and Europe, leading several scholars of Old English and early medieval England to push for new terminology across academia. It’s a shift that needs to happen, as champions of a mythologized “Anglo-Saxon” past are vehemently anti-immigration and pro-white. On a post discussing the term “Anglo-Saxon,” one commenter stated, “The truth is that we didn’t need migrants to make us great and we still don’t… homogeneity is the best social strategy for social cohesion and survival.”[10] This type of rhetoric is used to justify racial and religious violence. It’s an idealized past for a fantasized future, both of which exclude minorities and non-Christians.

Pride in a “pure” medieval past overlaps with modern antisemitism, and white supremacists look to the periodic massacres of Jewish communities and the 1290 expulsion of Jews from England as a model for post-Brexit Britain.[11] One Twitter user, commenting on a post about early English brooches, declared that the current debate over the term “Anglo-Saxon” wouldn’t end “unless all Joos [sic] are kicked out. Find someone saying anti white propeganda [sic] & 8/10 times it’s a Joo [sic].”[12]

But medieval-based antisemitism isn’t restricted to England. The modern far-right Spanish group, Vox, uses the rhetoric of the Reconquista to argue for the removal of Jews and Muslims from Spain. Modern Islamophobia across the Americas and Europe pulls false narratives from the crusades to “justify” Western, Christian violence against Muslims. But some white supremacists go even further, using the language of the crusades as a rallying cry against anything deemed anti-Christian. As recently as January 2020, a teenager spray-painted the phrase “Deus Vult” (Latin for “God wills it”—the alleged cry of early crusaders) on a Planned Parenthood in Delaware, which he subsequently bombed.[13]

Some medievalists have attempted to address the distorted version of medieval Europe that appears in most fantasy books, movies, TV shows, and video games, but medieval studies itself presents part of the problem. Medieval studies has always been dominated by white scholars, and white supremacists believe that medieval European history is only for white scholars and send hate mail and death threats to medievalists of color. And while some white medievalists try to tackle the white supremacist appropriations of the medieval past, they do little to acknowledge the inherent racism of the field itself. Within academia, white scholars direct radicalized right-wingers to harass medievalists of color, openly mock medievalists of color on public platforms, and plagiarize their work and ideas.[14] White supremacists see their own ideals reflected in the very fabric of the scholarship they encounter.[15]

While historians may intend for their scholarship and teaching to be neutral, harmless, and non-political, we cannot control how white supremacists may (mis)appropriate our terminology, research, and outreach. History is not and has never been neutral. Don’t let things slide because they seem harmless. As Jonathan Hsy writes, “Toxic medievalism [devotion to medieval history] has real consequences (physical, financial, social, and psychological), and work on race and medievalism should center targets of toxic medievalism, not just examine white intentions (malicious or benevolent).”[16] We have to anticipate how our lectures, assignments, sources, blogposts, and Twitter threads might support the white supremacist agenda. And then we have to do something about it.


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[5] It’s important to note that this post offers the briefest foray into the modern misappropriations of medieval history by looking at the issues of race and religion, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Lots of current homophobia, transphobia, exclusionism, and hate-rhetoric are embedded in a fantasized Middle Ages.

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