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Our posts fall into several general categories:

  1. Beyond the Academy. This section encompasses a broad array of experiences and encounters with history in the world outside the university.
  2. Current Events. Here, you will find original posts that examine contemporary issues from a historical point of view. This section seeks to incite meaningful conversation about the myriad ways in which the past informs the present.
  3. Erstwhile Interviews. In this section, we spotlight historians at work in a variety of fields as well as non-historians doing work relevant to our disciplines. We hope that these posts provide valuable resources to students seeking out meaningful careers with their humanities degree.
  4. Historical Research. Our specialized work often sheds light on major issues of the past and present. Here, we connect our research to broader themes, offer tales of the archive, and recap conferences we attended.
  5. Link Round-up. From time to time, we round up the best the internet has to offer in historically-minded articles to keep you informed and well-supplied for interesting conversation at your next cocktail party.
  6. Popular Culture. This section contains our analysis of various forms of popular culture through a historical lens, from movies to video games to graphic novels.
  7. Teaching and Pedagogy. Here, we share our philosophies, thoughts, and experiences in teaching history.

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