Graduate History Conference at CU Boulder this Weekend

Erstwhile introduces this weekend’s conference run by CU’s history graduate students.

Every year for the past sixteen years, the graduate students in the Department of History at the University of Colorado Boulder have hosted the Rocky Mountain Interdisciplinary History Conference (RMIHC). This conference brings together aspiring historians from across the country for two days in beautiful Boulder where they can share their research in a congenial, professional environment and gain some experience in giving public presentations. You can find the full program below. Our friends over at RMIHC are very excited to host scholars from a wide variety of schools to discuss an array of historical subjects. If you are in the Boulder area this weekend, come join us on the second floor of the Hellems Arts and Sciences building on the CU Boulder main campus. Registration is free for students, faculty, and staff of the university and is $5 for the general public. You can also find more information on the conference website. If you are not around this weekend, please join us for next year’s conference and watch for our call for papers in the spring!

2016 RMIHC Program

Saturday, September 24

9:00 – 9:30 am           Registration/Check-in: Hellems 2nd Floor

9:30 – 10:45 am           Presentations: Session I

Panel I-A:  Indigenous Resistance and Identity in the Americas

Room:  Hellems 245

Chair: Dr. Robert Ferry, University of Colorado Boulder

Commentator:  Julia Frankenbach, University of Colorado Boulder


  1. Jeremy Mikecz, University of California, Davis: “In Search Of Invisible Allies: Tracing Indigenous Activity in the Conquest of Peru (1532-1572)”
  2. Alexander M. Cardenas, University of Colorado Boulder: “The Making and Re-making of Mestizos: Contending Attitudes toward a New Kind of People”
  3. Sean Busey, University of Nevada, Reno: “An Administrative and Legal Maze”: A Case Study of Nonviolent Native American Activism in the 1960s and 1970s”

Panel I-B:  The Nuclear Threat and Decolonization in the Cold War World

Room:  Hellems 247

Chair: Alex Langer, University of Colorado Boulder

Commentator: Dr. Andy DeRoche, University of Colorado Boulder


  1. Anthony L. Russell, George Mason University: “1956: A Speech, Hungary, the Suez Canal, and the Origins of the Cuban Missile Crisis”
  2. Luke Griffith, Ohio University: “Laying the Foundation for Dual-Track: Jimmy Carter, Helmut Schmidt, and the Guadeloupe Summit”

10:45 – 11:00 am                Break

11:00 am – 12:15 pm          Presentations: Session II

Panel II-A: Methods of Inquiry in the Premodern Past

Room:  Hellems 245

Chair: Amanda Nerbovig, University of Colorado Boulder

Commentator: Sarah C. Luginbill, University of Colorado Boulder


  1. Manon C. Williams, University of Colorado Boulder: “A Landscape of Solitude: Defining the Desert of Chartreux”
  2. Kyle Tyner, University of Colorado Boulder: “Ovid’s Amores 1.6 and the Reception of Moralization in Augustan Rome”
  3. Joseph Frankl, University of Colorado Boulder: “Topography as Historiography: Tacitus and the Baths of Nero”

Panel II-B: Justice and State Power in the Interwar Period

Room:  Hellems 247

Chair: Dr. David Ciarlo, University of Colorado Boulder

Commentator: Sierra Standish, University of Colorado Boulder


  1. Patrick Gilner, Indiana University: “A bondage, the terrible and degrading like of which has never been imposed”: German Reactions to the Extradition of War Criminals after World War I”
  2. Nathan Moore, American University: “Capitalism on Trial: ‘The Great Communist Trial of 1925’ and British Spaces of Authority”
  3. Joseph Floyd, Georgia State University: “Sanear es eugenizar (To Sanitize is to Eugenize): Eugenics in the Spanish Caribbean”

12:15 – 12:30 pm          Break

12:30 – 1:45 pm            Professional Development Panel

“Interdisciplinary Methods in Historical Scholarship”

Room:  Hellems 211

Moderators: Caroline Grego and Manon C. Williams, University of Colorado Boulder


  1. Dr. Anne Lester, University of Colorado Boulder
  2. Dr. David Shneer, University of Colorado Boulder
  3. Dr. Henry Lovejoy, University of Colorado Boulder

1:45 – 2:00 pm          Break

2:15 – 3:30 pm          Presentations: Session III

Panel III-A: Finding Place, Negotiating Space, and Facing Discrimination in Twentieth-Century Refugee and Immigrant Communities

Room:  Hellems 245

Chair: Dr. David Shneer, University of Colorado Boulder

Commentator:  Pete Veru, University of Colorado Boulder


  1. Jennifer Lynn Cullison, University of Colorado Boulder: “Juan Crow Policy Talk: Executive Branch Discourse on Immigrant Detention, 1981-1989”
  2. Sarah Gavinson, University of Colorado Boulder: “Comparative Study of Soviet and American Approaches to Jewish Refugees in Europe after the Second World War”
  3. Nina Bogdan, University of Arizona: “The Serbian Community in Bisbee Arizona: A Story of Negotiated Acculturation in Nativist America”

Panel III-B:  Warfare and Devotion: Buddhist, Christian, and Islamic Perspectives

Room:  Hellems 247

Chair:  Dr. John Willis, University of Colorado, Boulder

Commentator:  Sean Babbs, University of Colorado, Boulder


  1. Renee Ford, Rice University: “The Development of Phowa Practice from Tilopa to Adzom Drukpa Rinpoche: Opening the Doors to Phowa”
  2. Amanda Nerbovig, University of Colorado Boulder: “Departing Donations: Experiences of Northern French Crusaders, 1095-1230”
  3. Saheed Hamid, George Mason University: “War and Peace in Islamic History”

3:30 – 5:30 pm          Happy Hour at Illegal Pete’s, University Hill

Sunday, September 25th

8:30 – 9:00 am             Registration/Check-in: Hellems 2nd Floor

9:00 – 10:15 am           Presentations: Session IV

Panel IV-A:  A Hierarchy of Expertise: Science, Technology, and Policy in the United States

Room:  Hellems 245

Chair: Dr. Vilja Hulden, University of Colorado Boulder

Commentator:  Dr. Sloan Speck, University of Colorado Boulder


  1. Patrick Mulford O’Connor, University of Montana: “Tobacco’s Reconstruction: Postbellum Federal Policy and the Making of an American Industry”
  2. Jillian Foley, University of Chicago: “The Fight for Public Cryptology, 1974-1982”
  3. Jonathan Shafer, Auburn University: “Wild by Design: Urban Visitors, Natural Technology, and the Arbitration of Authenticity in Shenandoah and Death Valley National Parks, 1880-1940”

Panel IV-B: Politics, Power, and Cultural Representation in the Twentieth Century

Room:  Hellems 247

Chair: Dr. John Hatch, University of Colorado Boulder

Commentator:  Marni Jackson, University of Colorado Boulder


  1. C. Michael Hill, University of Colorado Boulder, “Soldier, Scholar, Fashionista: The Roots of Leftist Femininity in Early-Twentieth-Century Chinese Print Media”
  2. Scott Cardwell, University of Idaho: “Who Wants to Fight? The 1941 Senate Investigation of Hollywood”
  3. Svetlana Rasmussen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: “Tsarina of the Fields: Gendered Images of Corn in the Khrushchev Era”

10:15 – 10:30 am          Break

10:30 – 11:45 am          Presentations: Session V

Panel V-A: Controlling the Narrative in Historical Memory

Room:  Hellems 245

Chair: Dr. Peter H. Wood, University of Colorado Boulder

Commentator: Nicholas Vail, University of Colorado Boulder


  1. Keyao Pan, University of Chicago: “Dissecting the East Asia Reparation Movement: A Case Study of the Unit 731 Germ Warfare Reparation Class Suit (Part III: A ‘Transnational Movement’)”
  2. Samanthé Bachelier, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville: “Hidden History: An Examination of How the 1917 East St. Louis Race Riot was Whitewashed in the Local and National Collective Consciousness”
  3. Kathleen King, University of Colorado Boulder: “Republican Virtue 101: Common School Myths”

Panel V-B: Rationalizing Nature: People, Policy, and Preservation

Room: Hellems 247

Chair: Dr. Mithi Mukherjee, University of Colorado Boulder

Commentator: Kerri Clement, University of Colorado Boulder


  1. Jack Loveridge, University of Texas at Austin: “Feeding the Nations: Hunger and Decolonization in South Asia, 1947-1960”
  2. Edward Shore, University of Texas at Austin: “Keepers of the Covenant: Maroon Environmentalism in São Paulo’s Atlantic Rainforest, 1980-2016”
  3. Henry Wiencek, University of Texas at Austin: “War, Oil and Swamps: How a World War Created a Local Environmental Catastrophe in North Louisiana, 1917-1920”

11:45 am          Closing Remarks and Award Presentation


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